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Our Work


Ours is a truly unique and extraordinary practice.

Our practice provides primary care exclusively to pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Dr. Trager has a wealth of experience treating this age group and his patients are able to benefit tremendously from his adolescent-young adult medicine approach.

We also provide a broad range of dermatological care – both pediatric and adult – for both our primary care patients and for those seeing us exclusively for dermatology.

Parents of our younger patients find it comforting that Dr. Trager is not only a pediatric dermatologist but a pediatrician as well. This allows him to understand a child's skin problem in the context of his or her overall health.

As for adult dermatology, Dr. Trager has treated tens of thousands of adult patients and provides skin cancer screenings, skin anti-aging regimens, cosmetic procedures, as well as biopsies of suspicious lesions. Dr. Trager especially enjoys treating entire families.