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Primary Care


We Practice Integrative Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Dr. Trager is the only physician on the planet who is Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine as well as Board-Certified in Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, Pediatric Dermatology, and Dermatology..

We treat the whole child and the whole adolescent that is what integrative medicine is all about.

Check-ups, health maintenance, and preventive health screening

We provide comprehensive check-ups once a year for all of our patients. Our visit starts with a thorough history covering a wide range of adolescent health issues - medical as was as psychological - followed by a meticulous physical examination. These are perhaps our most important visits as this time is spent fostering and cementing our relationship. And although we have many important items that we like to cover, it is really you, our patients, that set the agenda. This is really patient-centered care at its best.

Treatment of acute illnesses

When an illness arises, call Dr. Trager and we will get you in for a visit. Please avoid going to an "urgent care" center during regular office hours as this tends to fragment medical care. Our office is open Monday through Saturday and same day visits are available for acute illnesses. We also have late evening hours during the week. For after-hours illnesses, Dr. Trager or a covering doctor can always be reached for advice. Common sense dictates that in an emergency you should go to the nearest emergency room and call Dr. Trager as soon as possible.

Nutritional education

We cover the basics of healthy eating and good nutrition with all of our patients and routinely screen for nutritional deficiencies. We work closely with a number of nutritionists should more detailed nutritional needs arise.

Gynecologic and sexuality-related care

Dr. Trager, like any adolescent medicine specialist, is an expert at performing a first gynecologic examination (pelvic exam) for his female patients. The exam is carefully explained beforehand and demonstrated on a plastic model of the female reproductive anatomy. A female chaperone is always in the room to help guide the patient through the examination.

The first pelvic examination is usually performed between the ages of 18 and 21. The examination may be recommended earlier if a specific concern arises such as pelvic pain or vaginal discharge.

Dr. Trager is also a recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of vulvar skin disorders.


As part of our comprehensive care, we provide general counseling for a number of adolescent and young-adult issues such as stress, anxiety, mood problems, substance abuse, and relationship issues, to name just a few (see our specialized care page for more information).

Supervision of hospitalization

Dr. Trager has admitting privileges as attending physician at The Cohen Children's Medical Center of North-Shore LIJ Health System and will supervise hospitalization for his patients who are admitted under him. He may also work with a hospitalist and other specialists as needed.

House Calls

Providing house calls is just one of the ways we are constantly striving to provide the most comprehensive health care possible. House calls are for established primary care patients only and are done at the discretion of Dr. Trager. House calls are generally made when a patient may not feel well enough to come to the office but not sick enough to go to the hospital. Depending on the circumstances, Dr. Trager may prefer the patient be seen in the office so a more complete physical exam and/or tests can be done.