Specialized Care


As a specialist in Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine, Dr. Trager is able to combine his extensive general medical knowledge with the more specialized knowledge needed to care for the complex and unique health care needs of preteens, teens, and young adults.

To become a specialist in adolescent medicine requires three years of additional training above and beyond a regular three year pediatric residency. During that time a physician gains expertise in all aspects of adolescent medicine including medical, psychological, gynecological, and nutritional problems. Many patients who come to our office for a specific problem often end up staying for primary care since they find in us a safe haven for all of their complex needs. We really understand them!

Puberty and growth-related concerns

An important part of the adolescent medicine visit is an evalation of pubertal growth and development. These changes are rapid and dramatic and are often accompanied by concerns in patients as well as parents, most often puberty coming too soon or too late. Usually reassurance is al that is needed; however, since pubertal changes can be influenced by a number of medical, nutritional, and psychological issues, we may recommend some screening tests or consultation with a specialist if a patient's growth and development seem out of the ordinary.

Menstrual and other gynecologic disorders

Our female patients are able to benefit TREMENDOUSLY from our ability to care for common gynecologic disorders of adolescent girls. We deal daily with questions and concerns about periods - too long, too short, too often, not often enough, too heavy, too light, and those that are painful. We routinely evaluate other concerns such as vaginal discharge and yeast infections.

Health risk behaviors – smoking, alcohol, and drug use

Smoking, alcohol and drug use - these behaviors are often experimented with by adolescents. As part of our comprehensive care we routinely screen for these problems and begin with office-based counseling. More serious substance abuse concerns require referral to an expert in this area.

Emotional problems

Emotional concerns such as stress, anxiety, and low mood are common in adolescence as children are required to navigate complex waters into the adult years. These problems are multifactorial, often defy a simple solution, and are often intimately tied to worries about friends and peer pressure, academic performance, family stresses, and career choices. We routinely screen for the issues and start the process of understanding and healing. We work with a number of psychologists and psychiatrists should the need arise.

Medical supervision for patients with eating disorders

We provide medical management for adolescents and young adults with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa as well as discuss general issues related to body image and food.

Dr. Trager works as part of a team consisting of him, and nutritionist, and a psychologist skilled in eating disorders.

Many of our patients with eating disorders enjoy seeing us for primary care since they are extremely comfortable with us and know we really, really "get them."